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School Visits


Workshops within schools vary in size but generally accommodate a standard class size of 30 pupils.

Larger workshops can work well but I generally like to limit to a maximum of 60 children.
The reason for this is that I like to be able identify children by name and encourage repeat contribution.

Schools may wish to provide one or more of the following workshops for their class.

A class book


The children contribute a page each to a picture book.

In class time, the children have written a story. The Cartoon Academy then comes into school and works with the class to develop the artwork.

This workshop is generally a full day divided into two parts; theory and practice. Both sessions in the workshop are interactive and have the children drawing and participating in the development of the book.

An example of a class produced picture book: www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1519508530

A themed workshop


The children learn how to draw a popular character from film, literature or TV. Typical subjects for this workshops include characters from Disney feature films, Star Wars, Roald Dahl and Harry Potter.

Note: I can happily adapt the theme of the workshop to match whatever subject the children are currently studying. e.g. Vikings, Tudor History, space travel.

We enjoy creating stories around the theme and the children have an enormous amount of fun crafting, naming and inventing personalities for their own characters.

Interactive story time


The children watch as we read a story to them. Illustrations from the story are projected onto a screen in the classroom. Children are encouraged to write and draw their ideas as the story unfolds.

Words and pictures workshop

The children have fun marrying their art to words.

Typically the children will write individual pieces of work. e.g. a poem.

The Cartoon Academy works closely with the class to create pictures for their writing. I focus on the use of descriptive words and strong, well defined characters and locations.

Although the children are working independently from one another they work as a class in suggesting ideas.


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